Technical Resources

The following are the resource documents that will help you order the correct steel studs for your project.

This data was compiled from the 1996 edition of American Iron and Steel Institutes Cold Formed Steel Design Manual.
It is FOR REFERENCE ONLY. No warranty is expressed or implied in reference to this data.
If you require design data as shown in these documents, we suggest you secure the services of an engineering firm.

Unless otherwise noted, the documents are in PDF format:

Full Documents

Material Certification 59 kb

Allowable Floor Spans 261 kb

Axial and Lateral Loads 834 kb

Curtain Wall Limiting Heights 176 kb

Drywall Allowable Heights 19 kb

Material Safety -- Galvanized Hot Dipped Sheet - Carbon Steel 245 kb

Material Safety -- Galvanized Electrolytic Sheet 231 kb

Material Safety -- GALVALUME Sheet - Carbon Steel 239 kb

Material Safety -- Galvannealed Hot Dipped Sheet - High Strength Steel 257 kb